FinESS & Balloon Sinuplasty

FinESS is a surgical treatment designed to widen the sinuses, bringing relief to patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. This minimally invasive procedure relies on insertion of a balloon catheter to correct structural abnormalities that cause chronic sinus infections.

How FinESS Works

FinESS uses the same technique as balloon sinuplasty to open the sinus pathways and allow drainage of fluids that build up and cause chronic sinusitis. It offers relief from symptoms such as congestion, sinus pain and pressure, post-nasal drip, breathing difficulties, swollen nasal passages and headaches, and – unlike antibiotics, decongestants, and steroids – offers a permanent solution for lasting relief.

Both FinESS and balloon sinuplasty are FDA-approved procedures that have been proven to be safe and effective. Most likely you will be given a local anesthetic, though in some cases your doctor may recommend general anesthesia. Your surgeon will insert a catheter with a balloon attached into your sinus cavities with the aid of a flexible endoscope, a tiny tube-mounted camera designed to aid in visualization. The balloon is inflated to widen the sinus passages, freeing up blockages and allowing mucus to drain. The procedure won’t damage the tissues in your sinus cavity or cause any sort of scarring.

There is very little recovery time needed; 90% of patients return to work within 48 hours of the surgery. The majority experiences a significant reduction in sinus discomfort and any accompanying infections. Side effects are rare, but might include facial bruising or swelling, pain, impaired vision, and nerve damage in the cheeks and lips.